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Mechanical engineering is our core business

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A dedicated design office

Mechanical engineering is the mainstay of the creation of your equipment.

It affects every aspect of the design of your machine.

That is why DMA Groupe would not be able to grow without the integration of a dedicated design office.

The purpose of the Mechanical Engineering Design Office is to define solutions in give accordance with customer needs and specifications, in order to propose optimised industrial solutions.

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A global offering

The creation of this Mechanical Engineering Design Office allows DMA Groupe to present its customers with a global offering to suit their needs.

A complementary design centre covering the fields of electrical engineering and automation has also been created in parallel.

A real revolution that allows us to track every stage of your project in detail, from set-up to completion.

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Specifically, this design office is involved in:

  • Defining the customer need: we will listen, advise and support you
  • Designing the general layout plans and detail drawings (3D/2D modelling)
  • Design validation
  • BOM creation
  • Equipment selection

For these tasks, we use special workstations with a Solidworks licence.

Qualified personnel

To steer all of this, we needed highly qualified personnel able to take overall responsibility for a project.

A Project Manager specialising in the design of industrial solutions will therefore be your special contact.

The Project Manager will listen to you and guide you through this process, with a professional vision to lead you to successful completion of the project.

The aim of these specialist centres is to guide you, in both a technical and a human sense, through the process of equipping your manufacturing facilities.

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