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Our motivation

DMA Groupe does not work on the design of standard machines. We implement your special machine according to‑order, whatever the constraint.

What motivates us: challenges!

Our technical and industrial know-how, our taste for innovation and challenges, our passion for technology and for our job, are the factors that motivate us to work on unique machines, designed and adapted to the specific needs of every client.

Every project is a new technical and human challenge which we promise to complete under the best conditions.

DMA, manufacturer and designer of special machines, implements your special machine according your order, whatever the constraint.

Our team accompanies you throughout the entire value chain of your project, putting the quality of our relationship at the heart of your industrial project

During the design phase of your special machine, DMA manufacturer of industrial machines, listens to you, understands you, knows your challenges and your reliability needs.

Listening and understanding

  • We listen to you, we understand you, we know your stakes and your needs of reliability.
  • We integrate into our work your needs for quality and profitability , we are entirely aware of your pressures and your industrial
  • We design and build your special machines of the highest quality , with a close collaboration based on both the technology and the human being, aiming for the most lasting and successful relationship in the long-term.

DMA Groupe is on your side to accompany you in your project , and to allow you to reach your targets.