DMA Print

DMA Print is born from the experience and know-how acquired by DMA Machines over time in the field of marking process.


DMA Print performs all kind of consumables for hot and pad printing process:


puceBuffer silicone




pucePunch in steel, brass or silicone


You want to develop tools for pad printing or hot stamping process, DMA Print is at your disposal and puts all its knowledge in the implementation of your articles. Please contact us for more information.


Quality, competitiveness and responsiveness to the service of our customers.

Sectors of activity

Hot printing

Our Know-How

Equipped with a machining center and a three-dimensional measuring machine, we carry out all kind of flat or shaped punches in steel, brass or silicone as well as rollers with multiple hardness (60, 70.80 and 90 Shore) and possibility of bi–Shore.


Hot printing process : transfer of a thin layer metallized or pigmented (film) under the action of heat and pressure.


This process allows the marking of parts by the transfer of a film using a punch maintained at high temperature.


Hot printing can be applied to flat and cylindrical parts. It guarantees high degree of precision.

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Pad printing

Our Know-How

DMA Print offers through its catalog a wide range of standard buffers but also studies all specific requests which would require the creation of specific pads.


This process applies to concave, convex, flat or cylindrical surfaces.


For each surface the marking process is limited by the deformation of the image to print or the size of marking.


The pad printing process applies to many sectors :


  • Automotive
  • Electricity,
  • Telephony
  • Household appliances,
  • Medical, Pharmaceutical,
  • Sport, leisure,
  • Advertising pens/objects,
  • Etc…





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